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Marillion Weekender, Holland - live review

Live Review

Venue: Port Zelande Center Parcs, Holland

Marillion return for another weekender, this time with Panic Room and iamthemorning in tow

As the adage goes, pride comes before a fall. So God only knows what Steve Hogarth has been doing just before he ventures stage right on night three of Marillion’s weekender in Port Zélande, stumbles towards the giant video screen and drops suddenly and scarily out of sight, onto the concrete below. The band still, the show stops, but 10 minutes later, the recently winded singer is back on stage: “I’ve had tea from nurses. No one had morphine, sadly. This next song is called Tumble Down The Years – you couldn’t make it up.”

This is Marillion’s sixth weekender at this location: all 3,000 tickets were snatched up in 12 hours, and the merchandise market is closed by lunchtime on the Sunday with everything sold. And anything goes: themed nights, your chance to play onstage with the band. It’s near total immersion into Marillion’s world, and it’s all the better for it. That said, the first night’s show is meant to have a theme, but the band drop this in favour of playing some “good shit” instead, and they’re as good as their word.


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