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The Magpie Salute: "There’s always f**k-ups. But that means you’re real"

Live Review

Venue: London Under The Bridge

Former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson’s new band thrill with a blend of covers and his old band’s favourites

When Captain Guitar swoops into view on stage, stars-and-stripes cape flapping to the groove, he whips up a tornado of voodoo magic. Here he comes now, darting from the shadows like a Gotham rock vigilante, delivering BLAM! BIFF! KER-POW! licks to Terry Reid’s Dean faster than a speeding plectrum. And then, with a flick of his forelock, he disappears as mysteriously as he came. Who was that caped bluesader?

“Any time I get the cape out in public it’s a good day,” says Captain Guitar, backstage in his everyday human alter-ego disguise as Marc Ford of The Magpie Salute. “A friend from Bristol had it made on the Holy Ghost [his 2014 album] tour and I don’t get the chance to wear it, so I thought bringing it back to London for my birthday would be good.”

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