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We went to see Guns N’ Roses live in London and this is what happened

Live Review

Venue: London Stadium

The reunited rockers return to London, but do we get the most dangerous band in the world, or a money-making circus?

On June 19, 1987, Guns N’ Roses played their very first UK gig in front of 500 people at fabled Soho sweatbox the Marquee. They weren’t calling themselves The Most Dangerous Band In The World yet, but the implication was there. Nor was that gig quite the birth of the legend, but it was a giant step on the way towards the circus that followed.

Thirty years later the circus is back in town. This time around, the cramped confines of the Marquee have been swapped for the giant steel-and-glass pavlova that hosted the 2012 London Olympics, and the crowd is now 60,000 strong.

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