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Lonely Robot at Islington Assembly Hall, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: Islington Assembly Hall, London

A rare live show from Lonely Robot with support from Tilt and Kepler Ten

“Nice to see you, to see you…” begins John Mitchell. “Nice!” holler his audience, a reference to Bruce Forsyth, who passed away the previous day. We’ve met the stars of our show, Lonely Robot, and by the end of the night, Mitchell’s fans are trying on “Didn’t he do well?” for size. With stirring guitar solos and songs that surge in muscular chunks, he’s played his cards right.

Dressed in an astronaut suit, though without the helmet (which would, in fairness, be impractical for any vocalist), Mitchell leads his quartet through a mixture of material from new album The Big Dream and earlier work. Red balloons and a flickering TV screen adorn the stage. “I suppose by definition this is progressive rock,” he says. “I’ve never really understood that. If it means no queues for the women’s toilets and long songs, then this fits the latter…”


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