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Raw Power Festival at The Dome and Boston Music Room, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: The Dome and Boston Music Room, London

Tomaga, Sly & The Family Drone, Dead Neanderthals, Evil Blizzard, The Cosmic Dead, Shitwife, K-X-P, Loop and White Hills break down the barriers at Raw Power

Few things are as tedious as the tiresome bores who claim that music today ain’t as good as it was back in their day. Indeed, these are the very people who should be promptly dispatched to Raw Power, a festival spread over two interconnecting venues, and the event is one which proves that, in the main, the areas of psychedelic, experimental and progressive music are currently going through something of a renaissance, if not a whole new golden age.

What becomes apparent over the course of the three days is how the emphasis of these forms has altered over the course of time. Where once the gaze was held by seasoned virtuosity, the opening overs of the 21st century have seen the balance shift more in the direction of rhythm that acts as a foundation and launch pad for third-eye-cleansing activity.


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