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Goat at 02 Academy Brixton, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: 02 Academy Brixton, London

Goat, The Moonlandingz, and Jane Weaver wig out in Brixton

It happens during the extended wig out of Goat’s Run To Your Mama – those minutes that could easily be hours or possibly even days as the repetitive and circular hypnotic beats increase in intensity and force – that it feels as if nothing at all matters, except losing oneself to the music. All around the venue are groovers who are lost in a deep trance, moving to the sound of the bongos and seductive wah-wah’d guitars. The moment the song returns to its main structure, the effect is akin to an orgasmic release, as cheers are raised, hands are waved and several thousand bodies leap around with unconfined joy.


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