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The KVB at Oslo, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: Oslo, London

Darkness shrouds London as the KVB perform at this Hackney hotspot

So is there any black in a rainbow? It’s a question that nags as The KVB bring a shroud of darkness around the usually multicoloured idiom of psychedelia. Not for them a swirl of lights and giddy euphoria, but a presentation that’s as austere and glacial as the electronically driven music they present tonight.

The duo of singer/guitarist Nicholas Wood and singer/keyboardist Kat Day have clearly been stung by previous criticisms of their onstage performances that have occasionally gone beyond insouciance and into the realms of the utterly dispassionate. The more forgiving might have put this down to the tenderness of their years, or quite possibly a stagecraft hampered by shyness or stage fright, but the fact remains that their aloofness proved alienating to many audiences.


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