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Vimic at 100 Club, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: 100 Club, London

Joey Jordison-backed metallers seek an identity

In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, the small but incredibly dedicated posse that has gathered at London’s 100 Club tonight are proof that, no matter what band he used to be in, there is going to be no easy leg-up for Joey Jordison and his new band Vimic. Judging by their performance tonight though that is absolutely fine by them, as Vimic play with as much passion, heart and commitment as any band playing on any arena or festival stage anywhere in the world. The last time Jordison brought a new band over to the UK there was very much a vibe of curiosity over genuine excitement, but tonight Vimicprove they are more than just a chance to watch an icon up close and personal. Frontman Kalen Chase, for example, has a hell of a voice, and is a brilliantly funny and engaging frontman. Until we hear their debut album (which is due for release early in the new year) the jury will remain out, but if there is a complaint it’s that, at present, they don’t seem to know exactly what kind of band they are yet, with radio-friendly rock choruses struggling for space with blastbeats and breakdowns. That being said, there are moments, such as during the brilliantly stirring Empty Handed, when all of the confusion fades and you get a glimpse of what the future might bring. There’s definite potential in Vimic; with time and more eyes and ears on them they could reach the heights they are clearly aiming for.

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