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Wednesday 13 and Courtesans at Islington Academy, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: Islington Academy, London

The Gospel - live

There’s something spooky in the air, and it’s welcomed with open arms by the COURTESANS [6], whose Waves and A Little Bit Of Luck combine catchiness and aggression. However, delivering spooky menace comes naturally to WEDNESDAY 13 [8], so much so that even faulty fog machines can’t halt the ghost train delivering the storming What The Night Brings twice for effect. A note-perfect science-fiction double feature of The Ghost Of Vincent Price and Hail Ming heralds air punches and an out-of-this-world atmosphere. New addition Cadaverous is welcomed to the setlist with polished venom alongside the timelessly camp Rambo. Ever the master of consistency, Wednesday charges into the night after delivering theatrical favourites I Walked With A Zombie, I Love To Say Fuck and the contagious Bad Things with a devious grin plastered across his face. Leave your Condolences and Put Your Death Mask On – Wednesday 13 has left delectable carnage in his wake.

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