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Opeth at Glasgow Barrowland - live review

Live Review

Venue: Barrowland, Glasgow

Opeth and Enslaved invade Scotland's capital of culture!

Enslaved have to offer a reasonable account of themselves in around 40 minutes tonight, so a five-song set is all we’re getting, with much of the intro to new track Storm Son trimmed off. Undeterred, they present a potted history of their career – which, like Opeth’s, has become more and more prog. For those who don’t know, frontman Grutle Kjellson describes their sound as “100 per cent Norwegian hard rock and also some Swedish folk rock.”

Roots Of The Mountain (from 2012’s RIITIIR) is a tour de force as they power into a set that sometimes feels like well-controlled jamming. The River’s Mouth follows, from latest album E, and is introduced as “a Rod Stewart cover”! One Thousand Years Of Rain (from 2015’s In Times) comes before another high point in Sacred Horse, also from E – so-called, claims Kjellson, because it’s easy to remember.


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