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Beatrix Players at Green Note, London - live review

Live Review

Venue: The Green Note, London

An elegant set from the chamber poppers at Camden's performance cafe

Are the inhabitants of Camden ready for a Friday night of intense, florid chamber pop? Prog should rococo. Beatrix Players don’t have the SOUND Choir accompanying them tonight, as they did at St Pancras Old Church last November. Nevertheless, pianist Jess Kennedy, cellist Amanda Alvarez (both seated) and singer Amy Birks, whose voice does all the moving for her, create a sound as richly textured and smoothly enveloping as the red velvet curtains behind them in this intimate north London space.

Enhanced by violin and double bass, they reduce tonight’s audience to reverent silence, only the occasional whoop breaking the mood. Rushlight is first, all mournful majesty and baroque curlicues, Birks’ sung question, ‘Do you feel it too?’ needing no answer. Never Again, another track from 2017’s Magnified album, is sung by Birks with a slight tremble, her voice a vehicle for doubt and confusion, not virtuosic bombast. The violin bolsters her poignant assertions (‘I will live to outdate this’), making the song sound like a sort of neoclassical I Will Survive.


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