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Night Ranger take the High Road

11th album due in June has classic sound, say US veterans

Night Ranger will release 11th album High Road in June, they've confirmed.

And they've reassured fans of 80s hits Sister Christian, (You Can Still) Rock In America and Don't Tell Me You Love Me that they'll feel right at home with the self-produced material.

View a trailer video below.

Bassist and vocalist Jack Blades says: "Our new record features classic feel-good, high-energy kick-ass rock'n'roll. We can't wait for our fans to hear it."

In keeping with the spirit, the cover features elements taken from the band's previous releases.

High Road will be launched via Frontiers Records.


  1. High Road
  2. Knock Knock Never Stop
  3. Rollin' On
  4. Don't Live Here Any More
  5. I'm Coming Home
  6. X Generation
  7. Only For You Only
  8. Hang On
  9. St. Bartholomew
  10. Brothers
  11. LA No Name

Night Ranger: High Road trailer

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