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Muse to make start on 7th album

Drummer Dominic Howard says work begins next month

Muse are gearing up to start work on what will be their seventh album, drummer Dominic Howard has revealed.

But the follow-up to 2012's The 2nd Law isn't likely to be released until 2015.

Howard tells KROQ: "We're going to go back in May and start working on some new stuff, so I think we'll start recording it this year.

"If we can get something out this year that would be great – but definitely next year.

Frontman Matt Bellamy recently said he'd written some "good tracks" for the project and that the trio were aiming to return to a "more basic" sound.

He reported: "We focused on things like synthesisers, drum machines and stuff. On this next album, we're going to veer back towards musicianship again: guitar, bass and drums. It's probably going to be a bit of a rawer album, and definitely a bit more rock, I'd say."

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