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Final Crue track named by Mars

Guitarist says song is called All Bad Things Must Come To An End

Motley Crue are working on a new song that could turn out to be the last they ever record.

Guitarist Mick Mars says the song is titled All Bad Things Must Come To An End and that it just needs vocals and some guitar – otherwise it's ready to go.

TeamRock previously reported that James Michael was to produce the band's last ever song, although at the time there was no title.

Mars tells Guitar World: "It's probably about half finished. We have to wait for Vince Neil to sing it, and then I'll do my soloing and ear-candy all over it and stuff like that.”

Mars adds that once Crue complete their last ever tour, he will record and release a solo album that ill be heavier than Crue's material. He also says the setlist for the final tour would include all the classic hits.

He says: “If you went to see Aerosmith for the last time and they skipped Dream On, you'd be fucking pissed. It will be a celebration.”

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