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Clapton leads Cale tribute

The Breeze covers album also features Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks, John Mayer and others

Eric Clapton is leading a covers album in tribute to JJ Cale, who died last year.

And he’s roped in Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks, John Mayer and others to appear alongside him.

Entitled The Breeze: An Appreciation Of JJ Cale, it’s to be released on July 29 under the banner Eric Clapton And Friends.

Slowhand says: “I would like people to tap into what JJ Cale did – that's the point. I’m just the messenger; I've always felt that that's my job. I try to interpret things so that the public at large, or at least the people who listen to what I do, will become intrigued about where I got it from."

Clapton and Cale worked together on a number of occasions. After completing work on 2006 collaboration Road To Escondido Clapton said: “This may have been my last ambition – to work with the man whose music has inspired me for as long as I can remember."

The Breeze will be released via his Bluesbranch/Surfdog label.


  1. Call Me The Breeze – Eric Clapton
  2. Rock And Roll Records – Eric Clapton and Tom Petty
  3. Someday – Mark Knopfler
  4. Lies – John Mayer and Eric Clapton
  5. Sensitive Kind – Don White
  6. Cajun Moon – Eric Clapton
  7. Magnolia – John Mayer
  8. I Got The Same Old Blues – Tom Petty and Eric Clapton
  9. Songbird – Willie Nelson and Eric Clapton
  10. Since You Said Goodbye – Eric Clapton
  11. I’ll Be There – If You Ever Want Me – Don White and Eric Clapton
  12. The Old Man And Me – Tom Petty
  13. Train To Nowhere – Mark Knopfler, Don White and Eric Clapton
  14. Starbound – Willie Nelson
  15. Don’t Wait – Eric Clapton and John Mayer
  16. Crying Eyes – Eric Clapton and Christine Lakeland

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