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Savage Messiah are on Channel 4 News tonight

Thrash metal is coming to mainstream TV

Tonight, for one night only, thrash metal is coming to primetime television in the UK. Nice one, Channel 4.

Last week, up-and-coming thrash metallers Savage Messiah were awarded a BPI grant. They and another ten artists from around the country were given financial backing to aid their careers and potentially become a serious commodity in the music world. This is a massive win for metal as it looks like even the government are sick of Mumford & Sons wannabes getting all the attention. 

And because Savage Messiah are not only the only metal band in the grant but they're actually really good, Channel 4 have invited them in for a chat with Culture and Digital Editor, Paul Mason (guess which one he is in the picture). 

They've already appeared in a host of national newspapers and Sky News, so the only way is up for the London metallers. 

Tune in to Channel 4 from 7pm tonight.

Also: MASSIVE shout out to Dave for sporting his Heavy Metal Truants t-shirt.

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