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Fury at 5FDP over stage stunt with girl, 9

Video shows Ivan Moody trying to make young Olivia swear for audience

A video showing a nine-year-old girl being encouraged to swear on stage by Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody is causing a stir.

The clip was posted on YouTube by Olivia Douglas' father Mark, who has blasted claims  that it was inappropriate.

It shows Moody hugging the girl while trying to make her chant "Burn motherfucker burn," a lyric from 5FDP track Burn MF, in front of thousands of fans. She appears to be uncomfortable in the situation despite Moody's encouraging words: "Come on, gorgeous, you know the words." She does not join in and appears to look towards her father, behind the camera, for reassurance.

Florida's Wink News quotes a number of sources as being disgusted by the video, including lawyer Miguel Fernandez. He says: “This child is being used as a prop. I feel sorry for this child. This child is helpless in that position. What does this child do? She's frozen.”

Local sheriff Mike Scott adds: "Words can't describe my disgust – this should never, ever be allowed in a county park.”

But Douglas insists children hear worse language at school. He says: "It's a bad word, yeah. It's a word. That's all it is. Everyone cusses.

“She goes to a church every Thursday and takes piano lessons. She's a normal kid – just loves metal.”

The band have not commented.

See the video below

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