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MARVEL release crazed new video, Danish Rush

New film from Scandinavian superhero purveyors of dumb yet smart rock

When Classic Rock reviewed the band's 'Hada Zone Express' album, we said "if their base camp is big broad Nazareth-like riffs and shredding solos, they reveal a knack for nifty pop-punk hooks, prog detours and an infectious 70s sweetness."

What we didn't describe was the way Marvel look. And this is important, because they resemble refugees from a fire at a gimp factory, dressed in a demented mix of mask and costume. 

So there's little surprise that the video isn't a straightforward performance piece. Instead, we have a wild race through the streets of Stockholm, as various members of Backyard Babies, Hellacopters, Gutterview Recorders, Dagger and Teddybears fill cameo roles. There's also an entirely gratuitous appearance by a belly dancer. 

Danish Rush is released as a double sided digital single today. The second track is a version of the same song done in an 8-bit, Commodore 64-style. A limited run of 200 copies will be released on 7" vinyl in the near future, but will only be available at live shows and via the band's website.

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