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Rich Robinson streams solo album

Hear Black Crowes guitarist's The Ceaseless Sight in full ahead of next week's release

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson has made his solo album The Ceaseless Sight available for streaming in full.

The 12-track title is to be released next week via The End Records.

Robinson tells Rolling Stone: "This record represents a movement forward. I went into the studio with a much more open process. I had skeletons of songs instead of finished pieces – I wanted to use the energy of having to create on the spot."

He's currently touring North America. He comes to Europe next month and plays a show at London's Borderline on June 18.

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  1. I Know You
  2. Down the Road
  3. One Road Hill
  4. The Giving Key
  5. This Unfortunate Show
  6. In Comes the Night
  7. Inside
  8. I Have a Feeling
  9. I Remember
  10. In You
  11. Trial and Faith
  12. Obscure the Day

Rich Robinson: The Ceaseless Sight

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