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Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

Chocolate for your ears, cooked up by Classic Rock's team of experts

If Classic Rock was a cooking show, we're certain this week's list of ingredients would combine to make a delicious, prize-winning stew.

Band Of SkullsHoochie Coochie 

This sounds like the kind of song you might listen to while driving a motorbike very quickly, in a dangerous fashion, without due care and attention, in a video game. Watch out for Band Of Skulls at Sonisphere.

Night RangerKnock Knock Never Stop 

Night Ranger say "our new record features classic Night Ranger feel-good, high-energy kick-ass rock'n’roll". These wise words also apply to this particular song.

PistonLeave If You Dare 

Piston will be supporting Sebastian Bach in July, but in the meantime, here's the video for a song which has been getting airplay on TeamRock Radio. It pummels and it thrusts, much like an actual piston.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — American Dream Plan B 

Taken from the new album Hypnotic Eye (released in late July), ADPB is built on a surprisingly dumb rock'n'roll riff, and this pleases us enormously.

Torpedohead — Shanghide 

Are you ready for Torpedohead? We're not sure you are. Because if there's a band in this week's roundup that parties hard, we think it might be this group of rowdy Germans.

AC Angry  — Hellrock Anthem 

 This anthemic hunk of hellhound hard rock starts with the lines "you turn me off with your lame fucking music". Cheeky.

SpidergawdInto Tomorrow 

Motorpsycho bassist Bent Saether and drummer Kenneth Kapstad bring the the glam-fuzz-stoner-groove like never before. Golden Earring meets QOTSA you say? We agree.

Rival State Aces 

This is by Rival State. Not Sons. Or Schools. State. Alive, kicking sand in your face, in a tunefully heavy way. And they're from New Zealand.

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