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Majors and Thrill Kills ready to go

Debut album from Murderdolls and Pretty Boy Floyd members on the way

A new band featuring members of Murderdolls and Pretty Boy Floyd are set to release their debut album.

Kristy Majors And The Thrill Kills drop their self-titled debut on Monday, June 16. The band sees singer/guitarist Majors joined by fellow Pretty Boy Floyd member JK Famous on bass, former Murderdolls drummer Ben Graves and guitarist Nick Rozz of Bulletboys.

The album is being released independently by Majors, who promises a “back to my roots” approach. He says: "I write and record music to please myself these days.”

Kristy Majors And The Thrill Kills tracklist

  1. Beginners Luck
  2. Deadbeat
  3. Empty Handed
  4. Broken Lip
  5. Stagnation Street
  6. Pissed It All Away
  7. Over and Over Again (The Same Thing)
  8. Make Up
  9. Falling Behind
  10. Teenage Wasteland
  11. Magazine

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