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Draugr drummer dead at 30

Jonny Morelli loses life in traffic accident

Jonny Morelli, drummer with Italian pagan metal outfit Draugr until they split last year, has died after a traffic accident in Pescara. He was 30.

He was at work on a project that would have seen him take on vocalist and lyricist duties, along with those behind the kit, a representative says in a statement.

He continues: "Jonny was not just a very talented musician who, in addition to his work with Draugr, had worked both in the studio and on stage for many Italian bands, metal and non-metal. He was also a tattoo artist and writer.

"Along with three other former members of Draugr, he was working on a new musical project. An official statement regarding the project will follow soon. Condolences go to Jonny’s family, friends, and musicians who have played with him over the years – and of course to all the fans who have followed his work, both as a musician, tattoo artist and writer."

Draugr announced their split in November last year, after releasing two albums in their ten-year history. They said: "We decided to bring to a close this chapter in our lives that has been so important to us, in order that we may follow different artistic paths."

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