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Dying Fetus didn't keep up with online campaign

Download 2014: Bemused Hashtag hero John Gallagher says social media "isn't my thing"

The online campaign that got Dying Fetus added to this year's Download bill more or less passed guitarist John Gallagher by.

A rousing response to #whynotdyingfetus – spurred on by the announcement of Avenged Sevenfold as headliners – led to the US death metal outfit opening the main stage today.

But bemused Gallagher tells TeamRock: "When people found out the headliners there was a sort of backlash, I guess. We got lumped in as a band to play and there was a demand for it. Here we are – enough people made a noise and pushed for it."

He's eternally grateful to the diehard fans who helped make it happen, but he admits: "I'm turning 42 in a couple of days; the social media thing, I'm not really about that. I wasn't watching it intently as it was going down."

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