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Loverboy to settle Unfinished Business

July sees release of first fully-new album in 7 years - including previously unrecorded 40-year-old track

Loverboy will release Unfinished Business, their first fully-new album in seven years, next month.

In 2012 the Canadian veterans launched Rock n'Roll Revival _featuring nine re-recorded classics plus three new numbers. Its follow-up contains 10 previously unheard songs – although some of them are older than others. _Come Undone was written 40 years ago, guitarist Paul Dean reports.

He explains how the record was named: "We put the song titles up and explained to the fans that this album was 40 years in the making. It was a fun thing; some of the titles they came up with were hilarious, but perhaps a little inappropriate for Walmart. No question – Unfinished Business was the one."

Dean originally planned to give the album away free, and although that hasn't happened, he says the release is still "to show our appreciation to the fans who have supported us all this time. Unfinished Business sounds pretty much complete to me – and it only took us 40 years!"

It's available for pre-order on iTunes and lead track Countin' The Nights is streaming on Loverboy's Facebook page.


  1. Fire Me Up
  2. Countin' the Nights
  3. Ain't Such a Bad Thing
  4. Come Undone
  5. Slave
  6. What Makes You So Special
  7. War Bride
  8. Doin' It the Hard Way
  9. You Play the Star
  10. Crack of the Whip

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