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Wentz says FOB won't rest on their laurels

And bass players talks about working with Elton John

Pete Wentz says the next Fall Out Boy album will be another musical departure for the band.

The success of 2013's Save Rock And Roll came on the back of a disappointing response to its predecessor, 2008's Folie A Deux. But bass player Wentz says they won't necessarily stick to the same formula on the follow-up.

He tells “If anything I think that we’re far more open now to doing something that’s like probably outside of what people would consider our genre or who we are. So the music that we’ve written so far, to me it’s sounds different than any of the other stuff we’ve ever worked on.

“When we made this album Folie A Deux, I think we maybe reached a little beyond what people kind of expected or were comfortable with at the time and some of it maybe fell short. But at the same time I think that that paved the way for us to do Save Rock And Roll and move beyond what people would have normally expected.”

Meanwhile, Wentz says working with Elton John on Fall Out Boy's Young Blood Chronicle_s – a series of videos for each song from the _Save Rock And Roll album – dispelled many of the rumours about the English star's personality.

Wentz adds: “The thing that I think is lost on a lot of people is like there’s a wink with everything. He’s really funny, really, really sharp, and I think people are kind like, ‘Is he a diva?’ It’s not that. People that don’t get it aren’t really in on the joke. He’s just pretty unfiltered.”

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