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Offering launch live album

Christian Vander released 3-disc set recorded 30 years after Magma side-project began

Christian Vander has released a three-disc live set recorded by his side-project Offering last year.

Concert Triton 2013 was performed 30 years after he created Offering in order to explore music ideas beyond the rigidity of his Magma concept.

French percussionist Vander and co wanted to present their ideas to a younger audience after having remained out of sight for most of the past three decades, and they hope the release will "delight all fans regardless of their ages."

Concert Triton 2013 is on sale now.


  1. Joïa
  2. Tilim m dohm
  3. Love in the Darkness
  4. Auroville
  5. La nuit du chasseur
  6. Les Vagues
  7. Another Day, Part 1
  8. Et le temps a passé
  9. Another Day, Part 2
  10. An Bara Wa
  11. Ehn Deïss
  12. Earth (DVD Bonus)

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