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Aeon Zen tease Algorithm remix

Hear clip of The Entity as reimagined by Remi Gallego

Aeon Zen have released a teaser clip of their track The Entity as remixed by The Algorithm.

Remi Gallego's new interpretation appears in a two-track digital single bundle, which also includes brand-new song Unite. The band have just released a video for that track.

Aeon Zen last month introduced new guitarist Alistair Bell, who joined the ranks after Matt Shepherd bowed out amicably. Bell said: "I've been extremely busy writing solos for the upcoming record. The new material is significantly heavier than any of the previous albums – it's fantastic. We'll see you out on the road!"

Gallego is currently touring the UK in support of recent The Algorithm album Octopus4, with accompaniment by Uneven Structure drummer Jean Ferry.

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