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Life on the road no picnic for Hammerfall

Joacim Cans could do without the downtime, but says thrill of the show is like a 'legal drug'

Hammerfall frontman Joacim Cans admits life on the road can be incredibly boring – but says the thrill of taking to the stage makes up for it.

As the band prepare to release their ninth album (r)Evolution on August 29, Cans says he isn't looking forward to the downtime between shows.

He tells Arte Concert: "Being on tour is so fucking boring because you just sit around and wait the whole day. You have crew who are doing soundcheck and set up your gear – they do everything for you.

"But the second the intro starts, it's different. It's like a legal drug. Of course you get bored after a while, but imagine having a regular day job."

In the interview, Cans is joined by guitarist Oscar Dronjak who recalls the band's collaboration with the Swedish women's curling team on the video for Hearts On Fire.

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