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Scar Symmetry push the Limits

Per Nilsson aims to “fuse death metal and AOR” in track from first album in trilogy

Scar Symmetry have released a lyric video for their track Limits To Infinity, from upcoming album The Singularity (Phase 1 – Neohumanity).

It’s the first in a trilogy and it’s set for launch on October 6 via Nuclear Blast, and guitarist Per Nilsson has described it as their “most progressive and elaborate” project so far.

He’s adds of the track: “I thought to myself, ‘Am I allowed to fuse death metal with AOR, and go extreme in both directions?’ I didn't ask for permission – I just went and did it. I’m pretty excited to hear what people think about it.”


  1. The Shape Of Things To Come

  2. Neohuman

  3. Limits To Infinity

  4. Cryonic Harvest

  5. The Spiral Timeshift

  6. Children Of The Integrated Circuit

  7. Neuromancers

  8. Technocalyptic Cybergeddon

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