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Blythe guests on PBF track So Low

New version of Pitch Black Forecast song available to stream

Supergroup Pitch Black Forecast have made a new version of their track So Low featuring Randy Blythe available to stream.

The Lamb Of God frontman also guested on the original version of the track, which was included on PBF's 2008 debut album Absentee.

That record is now out of print and PBF have re-recorded a string of songs from it and follow-up EP Burning in Water... Drowning in Flame for new release As The World Burns – out on October 20.

PBF was formed by Jason Popson (aka J Mann) of Mushroomhead and Gene Hoglan of Testament. Popson says: "This record is a compilation of my favorite Pitch Black Forecast songs, which are remixed with additional tracking and far closer to my initial vision."

As The World Burns also features the debut of another Popson side project called Bitch Wrangler. A four-track EP called Spitefuck will serve as bonus tracks on the PBF release.

As The World Burns tracklisting

  1. Open Letter To God (feat. Devin Townsend)
  2. Landmine (feat. M. Shadows)
  3. Season In Hell
  4. As The World Burns
  5. Hearts Of Darkness
  6. Dialtone
  7. So Low (feat. D. Randall Blythe)
  8. Atonement
  9. Wrapped In Plastic (feat. Human Furnace)
  10. Ornament
  11. Lighthouse

Spitefuck by Bitch Wrangler

  1. Masochist
  2. Innocent
  3. Sycamore
  4. Bad Seed

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