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EXCLUSIVE: The new album art from American Heritage

The new artwork for Prolapse

Never ones to shy away from OTT lowbrow humour, we can unveil the new artwork from American Heritage for their Prolapse album – designed by A.W. Sommers.

Recorded at SOMA Studios, this is the sixth and final full-length album from the racket-makers after core member and vocalist Adam Norden left American Heritage after the recording. 

Scheduled for release 24th November on Solar Flare Records, this won't be for the faint-hearted. Or anyone feeling that serious.

Prolapse tracklisting:

  1. Eastward Cast The Entrails

  2. Anxious Bedwetter

  3. Obliviocrity

  4. Constant And Consuming Fear Of Death And Dying

  5. Mask Of Lies

  6. Blackbird

  7. Hürtin’ Crüe [Descendents Cover]

  8. Thirsty And Miserable [Blag Flag Cover]

  9. Bulletproof Cupid [Girls Against Boys Cover]

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