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Emigrate Kruspe amazed by Lemmy collusion

Rammstein man says guest appearance by Kilmister on side project is 'fucking great'

Emigrate guitarist Richard Z Kruspe says working with Lemmy ranks as one of greatest moments of his career.

Kruspe's Emigrate is a side project to his work with Rammstein and the band's second album Silent So Long will be released on October 17.

As well as Lemmy, it features guest appearances from Korn's Jonathan Davis, Peaches and Frank Delle from Seeed.

Kruspe says: "I didn't write the songs with specific guests in mind, I just thought who would do the best job on this or that track, and the final performances were everything I was hoping for.

"You know, I've had about five moments in my music career when I've been left smiling like a child — one was when Rammstein sold out New York's Madison Square Garden in 20 minutes, but the last one was hearing Lemmy on tape. It just sounds fucking great."

Silent So Long tracklist

  1. Eat You Alive (featuring Frank Delle)
  2. Get Down (featuring Peaches)
  3. Rock City (featuring Lemmy Kilmister)
  4. Hypothetical
  5. Rainbow
  6. Born On My Own
  7. Giving Up
  8. My Pleasure
  9. Happy Times
  10. Faust
  11. Silent So Long (featuring Jonathan Davis)

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