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EXCLUSIVE: Hear the new album by The Datsuns

The New Zealand rockers' Deep Sleep album is out October 6

With members living in Stockholm, Auckland, London and Wellington, recording music isn't as straightforward as it might be, but The Datsuns gathered for ten days at Roundhead Studios in Auckland last January and recorded their new album, Deep Sleep.

"We’re not fucking around, says singer and bassist Rudolf de Borst. "We’re all conscious of the fact that we don’t live so close to one another, if we’re together, we’re going to make records. 

"We knew we only had a few days to make this recording happen so we had a few things planned out in advance, a manifesto if you will. We knew we wanted to record analogue, hot to tape and that the sounds had to fit within certain sonic parameters: fuzz, minimal miking and overdubs. The song writing inspiration came from sci fi dreams and the spaces in between worlds, you get the idea. Five days later we had the bulk done. Our quickest and probably most fun record to make."

The Datsuns will be playing live in the UK in October/November. 

Oct 27 The Fleece, Bristol
Oct 28 Fibbers, York
Oct 29 Broadcast, Glasgow
Oct 30 Cluny, Newcastle
Oct 31 Harlow, Square
Nov 1 Lexington, London

Deep Sleep is out on October 6, and can be pre-ordered from iTunes now. Anyone ordering the album will get free download of the single, Bad Taste, immediately. 

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