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Michael Sweet 'puzzled' by social media

He says sales don’t equate with followers on Facebook and Twitter

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet says he is “deeply puzzled” that album sales don’t equate with followers on social media.

The vocalist/guitarist, who recently announced a collaboration with George Lynch, insists people just aren’t buying music – and he can’t understand it.

Sweet tells Totally Driven Radio: “Album sales don’t equate to followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a million followers on Facebook and sell 10,000 copies of an album, something’s wrong.

“There are reasons that play into it, obviously, such as people just don’t buy music these days, people download, the economy’s bad, people don’t have the money – it goes on and on. But there’s still something deeply puzzling about that.

“It seems to be that sales keep going down. It doesn’t matter what genre in music – sales are just declining. People just aren’t buying, or, for whatever reason, don’t wanna buy music any more.”

Sweet recently added his name to the list of artists criticising U2’s Songs Of Innocence giveaway stunt, saying it devalues music.

He said: “Why would anyone want to continue buying music when the trend is to receive it for free in their inbox? I think it does devalue the music of all the little fish in this enormous pond.”

Meanwile, Stryper recently released CD/DVD Live At The Whisky via Frontiers Music. The performance was filmed at Whisky A Go Go, California last year in support of their No More Hell To Pay album.

Live At The Whisky tracklist

  1. Legacy
  2. Marching Into Battle
  3. You Know What To Do
  4. Loud And Clear
  5. Reach Out
  6. Calling On You
  7. Free
  8. More Than A Man
  9. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
  10. No More Hell To Pay
  11. Jesus Is Just Alright
  12. Always There For You
  13. All For One
  14. The Way
  15. To Hell With The Devil
  16. Soldiers Under Command

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