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Sick Of It All talk Last Act Of Defiance

Hardcore icons break down tracks on new album and urge scrutiny of 9/11

Sick Of It All say the official version of the events of 9/11 is "absolute nonsense" in a video breakdown of the tracks on their new album.

Drummer Armand Majidi and bass player Craig Setari discuss all 14 songs on the hardcore band's 11th album The Last Act of Defiance in the video.

And when it comes to the album's second track 2061, Majidi says: "That's obviously a year that we're talking about, it's not just a random number.

"Over the course of American history there's about 60 years between when something happens and when something becomes declassified information. You can tell by the date what we're talking about."

The year 2061 would be exactly 60 years on from the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 and the band believe only then will truth about that day be revealed.

Majidi adds: "We don't trust the government, we don't trust the media. It's a very scary thing and we don'[t wanna sweep t under the rig and forget about it. It was such a massive event and it's something that people should keep opening up, keep asking questions. Don't just accept the official story because it's absolute nonsense."

The Last Act of Defiance is out now.


  1. Sound The Alarm
  2. 2061
  3. Road Less Traveled
  4. Get Bronx
  5. Part Of History
  6. Losing War
  7. Never Back Down
  8. Facing The Abyss
  9. Act Your Rage
  10. Disconnect Your Flesh
  11. Beltway Getaway
  12. Sidelined
  13. Outgunned
  14. DNC

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