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AFI side-project detail debut

Davey Havok and Jade Puget unveil XTRMST’s self-titled release

AFI men Davey Havok and Jade Puget have announced details of their XTRMST side-project’s debut album.

It launches on November 18 via Dim Mak Records and to mark the announcement, the band have released a stream of the track Words For The Wanted. Hear it on their official website.

Havok says: “Jade and I have been talking about starting a straight-edge hardcore band for years. We started writing and recording in early 2012 and chose the name XTRMST because it expresses the messages represented on the record. The straight-edge movement is not one of moderations – it’s based in undeniable truths.”

Puget adds: “These songs are the purest expression of emotion, with no thought towards commerce or accessibility. The album was made with the amount of money you have in your pocket right now.

“It’s just two people expressing their love and hate into microphones in a tiny room.”

Earlier this year, Havok launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for his movie project The Violent.

XTRMST tracklist

  1. Words For The Unwanted
  2. Conformist
  3. Social Deathplay
  4. Merciless
  5. Exterminate
  6. Sharper
  7. Extremist
  8. The Breed
  9. Humanity
  10. The Way
  11. Swallow Your God
  12. Dirty Nails
  13. Juliets
  14. Coward Bow Your Head

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