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Velcro Lewis Group are having a party

Chicago-based funk rock occultists prepare for Halloween with a psychedelic soiree

The Velcro Lewis Group have released a video for They're Having A Party, the third single taken from the band's 2013 album Open The Sky.

The video follows a reveller attending three different parties. At the first, he fills up on a spiked punch before going on to enjoy an increasingly psychedelic night out with a spectacular climax.

"The best parties are weird parties," says Velco. "When someone takes command of the stereo, turning off the Starbucks’ Acid Jazz comp and throwing on the Bootsy Collins and then some creep wearing a medallion doses the punch. People get free, people lose it. Someone conjures a demon. You have to let yourself transform for the moment but you don’t need Halloween to be a freak... so give it up on Arbor Day, Grandparents’ Day, Thursday…".

The Velcro Lewis Group will be having their own party to celebrate the release of They're Having A Party tomorrow night at Space Oddities in Chicago.  

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