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Maschine/Leprous/Haken Tour Diary

Haken Report In From Bilston...

After a questionable breakfast at a Bristolian cafe (hygiene rating: class-4), we drove to Bilston to play at the self proclaimed ‘home of live music’, the Robin 2.


This gave us just enough time to watch most of Aliens; the classic 1986 action/sci-fi masterpiece directed by James Cameron (featuring characters created by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett). We sped along the M6, then the M5 feeling like a unit of colonial marines aboard a drop-ship entering the recently terraformed atmosphere of LV-426. We were filled with vigour and verve; the adrenaline was flowing through our veins - our minds singularly focussed on playing the greatest Haken show that Bilston had yet witnessed (although we should add that we have not played there before).

Then it happened. The proverbial Xenomorph in the room loomed its ugly acid-blood filled head. The 40-megaton thermonuclear bombshell was dropped. The face of Haken was well and truly hugged. The band’s chest was burst wide open. The game was over man - game over! One member of Haken found the film ‘boring’. We will keep his identity classified to save him any embarrassment, but we could not believe the Hispanic disdain spilling forth from Haken keyboardist Señor Diego Andres Tejeida Ledesma’s mouth! The mood in the Mercedes drop-ship suddenly got very frosty - as if aHyperdyne Systems 120-A2 android (we prefer the term ‘artificial person’) had malfunctioned and attempted to force a rolled up magazine (containing a scathing - yet baseless review of Aliens) down our collective throats.

Dejected, we arrived at the venue and commenced the laborious job of loading the gear into the venue. The pathos of having to use our bare hands rather than a Power Loader was not lost on us; we didn’t even have a class-2 rating to buoy our spirits. Bilston was a very nice, but quiet town and seemed uninhabited by any indigenous lifeforms. The ‘RnB club’ sign on the front of the venue only served to compound our fears that anybody would show up for the ensuing night of progressive metal. Happily by the time the doors opened, the venue filled up nicely and we were greeted by a great, appreciative crowd and we all had a great time; all three bands are sounding tighter every day. That’s the thing about prog fans; they mostly come out at night… mostly.

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