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Slayer fan thanks Araya for saving his car

Jake made spoof video to sell Ford for tickets… Araya responded by offering him freebies… Now he posts reply - as band reveal standalone track When The Stillness Comes

Slayer fan Jake, who last week aimed to sell his car so he could afford tour tickets, has thanked the band after they stepped in.

He released a spoof video advertising his 1997 Ford Escort, saying: “Tickets aren’t cheap. I know there are those who say I can’t go there. Yes, I can… I just have to sell this car.” Frontman Tom Araya then appeared in a response clip, where he said: “The car’s a piece of shit! Tell you what – we’ll give you the tickets.”

Jake has now uploaded a third instalment. It shows him dropping a single tear as he watches Araya’s video, then throwing away his ‘for sale’ sign. He says: “Well, that rocks. Thanks Slayer!”

Meanwhile, in a separate video, Slayer have revealed details of a track called When The Stillness Comes. It’s to be released via Scion as part of their tie-in with the car marque, which includes a band-branded version of their vehicle. Araya and co are currently recording their 11th studio album.

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