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Static death leaves Fukuda ‘sad and angry’

Guitarist Koichi hoped for reconciliation with late frontman

Former Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda says he’s been left “sad and angry” after the death of frontman Wayne Static.

He’d hoped the pair could rekindle their friendship after the 2010 fall-out that led to the collapse of the original band.

Yesterday ex-bassist Tony Campos said he’d “held on to a sliver of hope” that he and Static could settle their differences, adding that the rest of the band felt the same way.

Now Fukuda confirms those sentiments, saying: “I’m still trying to process the sad fact that I’ve lost my dear old friend Wayne Richard Wells.

“He was an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, very special person – and also a very gifted artist with a clear vision. On a personal level he was a smart, kind, caring sweetheart, and a soft-spoken gentleman. I really loved his dark, biting and sharp sense of humour.

“It makes me so sad and angry that I'll never have a chance to reconcile with him. I thought time was the only thing needed for all of us to realise what we had was so special. I was just waiting patiently for my old friend Wayne to come back – hoping someday we’d play music together again, have fun like old times.”

Fukuda sends his condolences to Static’s parents, brother and sisters, and adds: “Rest in peace, Wayne. Thank you for everything. You will be missed by so many people, including me."

The singer and guitarist died on Saturday at the age of 48. Rumours that drugs had been involved were denied by his publicist, who said he’d passed away in his sleep. A full statement will be released in due course.

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