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The Rush song Geddy Lee forgot

Canadian giants release The Loser video from upcoming R40 set

Rush have released a video of the original lineup performing The Loser – a track Geddy Lee had forgotten about.

It was filmed at a high school in in 1974 before they’d replaced drummer John Rutsey with Neil Peart. The show, which also includes a track called I’ve Been Running, takes pride of place on the bonus disc in the band’s upcoming R40 box set.

Lee tells “I honestly don't remember that song. I didn't remember it until I actually saw the footage of us playing it. And I didn't remember it was called The Loser. So much for my memory!”

Guitarist Alex Lifeson recently discovered a cassette tape the pair had recorded for copyright reasons. Lee explains: “Since we couldn't write music, the only way you could submit a song was, to record it. Alex would play guitar and I would sing onto a tape. I just could not remember half of the songs that were there. It was just teenage ramblings.”

R40 is released on Monday. Lifeson recently confirmed Rush will tour again next year.

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