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Nylon Maiden's coming to get you

Video: Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills, performed on a acoustic guitar

Dutch classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen has released his second album of Iron Maiden covers. Nylon Maiden II, which is out now, follows the earlier Nylon Maiden, which featured contributions from former Maiden singer Blaze Bailey and Voodoo Six's Tony Newton.

The album contains 13 tracks; ten Iron Maiden songs, two original compositions, and a cover of UFO's Doctor Doctor, the track traditionally played over the PA in the moments before the band come on stage.

Full track listing:  
Doctor Doctor
Different World
These Colours Don't Run
Judas Be My Guide
Flight Of Icarus
Nylon Madness 
The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Hallowed Be Thy Name
No Prayer For The Dying
The Dream Is True
Alexander The Great

Nylon Maiden II can be purchased from Thomas's store

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