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Cuneiform launch anniversary compilation

Label celebrates 30th birthday with pay-what-you-want 20-track sampler

US label Cuneiform is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a digital sampler album.

Cuneiform Turns 30! The Albums Of 2014 is available now via the label’s Bandcamp page and they’re asking people to name their price for the 20-track compilation.

In a statement, the label says: “Cuneiform expresses gratitude for surviving over the past 30 years inside the music business, despite being a record label devoted to releasing music far outside the mainstream.

“We’ve been blessed to exist and to work with such wonderful artists, employees, music business colleagues, radio and press associates and devoted fans. The future of music is a vital concern to everyone, and we’re grateful to all those working to ensure a sustainable future. May we work together will all of you for decades to come.”

The album covers a variety of genres including jazz, post-jazz, avant-rock and electronic-ambient-noise.

Cuneiform Turns 30! The Albums Of 2014 tracklist

  1. Led Bib: New Teles
  2. The Cellar And Point: White Cylinder (A)
  3. Present: Ersatz 
  4. Dylan Ryan/Sand: Trees, Voices, Saturn
  5. Anthony Pirog (ft. Michael Formanek and Ches Smith): The Great Northern
  6. Sonar: Static Motion
  7. Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi: Washington, D.C. - T4V1 (excerpt)
  8. Raoul Bjorkenheim/eCsTaSy: El Pueblo Unido
  9. Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP: Return the Tides (excerpt)
  10. The Microscopic Septet: Let's Coolerate One
  11. Mats/Morgan: Rubber Sky
  12. Thumbscrew: Cheap Knock Off
  13. Present: Promenade Au Fond D'un Canal (excerpt) 
  14. Jonathan Badger: Limbec
  15. Led Bib: Giant Bean (excerpt)
  16. Joel Harrison: John The Revelator
  17. Happy Family: Slide
  18. Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya: Part One - Intro 
  19. Ideal Bread: Crops
  20. The Ed Palermo Big Band: Why Is the Doctor Barking?

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