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Death, Pennywise and more on the Metal Hammer Radio Show

Step inside our time machine

Tonight on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we travel back in time to 1991, a year when music changed forever.

We'll be bringing you the debut album from Pennywise as well as music from Infectious Grooves, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tesla, Soundgarden, Death, Smashing Pumpkins, Sepultura and Slayer. 

Plus we'll be talking about 17-year-old Mohammed Islam who is just a few months away from graduating — but worth a rumoured $72 million that he made playing the market.

Which got us thinking... at which age did you think you’d finally achieved something and what was it?

You can listen live on Team Rock Radio and DAB at the 8PM GMT.

And you can listen to the previous shows On Demand.

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