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Anthony Phillips revamps The Geese And The Ghost

Genesis co-founder's 1977’s solo debut to appear in Definitive Edition next month

Genesis founding guitarist Anthony Phillips will release the Definitive Edition of his 1977 solo debut, The Geese And The Ghost, on March 9 via Esoteric Recordings.

The three-disc set presents a remastered version of the original record, a second disc of demos and early versions, plus a DVD featuring a 5.1 Surround Sound mix. Unreleased tracks include the unreleased single version of Silver Song from 1973 and the previously unreleased Only Your Love – both with Phillips' former bandmate Phil Collins on vocals.

The project comes on the heels of the five-disc anthology Harvest Of The Heart, which offered a thorough 90-track career overview of Phillips' work and included 10 previously unreleased tunes.

He began writing and recording The Geese And The Ghost with Genesis bandmate Mike Rutherford in 1969. After leaving the band in 1970 due to stage fright, he worked on the recordings on and off over the next seven years before it was released.

Phillips tells Goldmine: “Punk was coming in and this type of album was being threatened. It sat on a shelf of over a year before my saviour, Marty Scott of Jem Records, picked it up. What a relief.”

The Definitive Edition of The Geese And The Ghost can be pre-ordered now from Cherry Red Records.


Disc 1: Remaster

  1. Wind-Tales

  2. Which Way The Wind Blows

  3. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times

i. Fanfare

ii. Lute’s Chorus

iii. Misty Battlements

iv. Lute’s Chorus (Reprise)

v. Henry Goes To War

vi. Death Of A Knight

vii. Triumphant Return

  1. God If I Saw Her Now

  2. Chinese Mushroom Cloud

  3. The Geese And The Ghost

i. Part One

ii. Part Two

  1. Collections

  2. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West


Disc 2: Bonus tracks

  1. Master Of Time (demo)

  2. Title Inspiration

  3. The Geese And The Ghost – Part One (basic track)

  4. Collections Link

  5. Which Way The Wind Blows (basic track)

  6. Silver Song (Geese Sessions version)

  7. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times (basic version)

i. Fanfare

ii. Lute’s Chorus

iii. Lute’s Chorus Reprise

iv. Misty Battlements

  1. Collections (demo)

  2. The Geese And The Ghost – Part Two (basic track)

  3. God If I Saw Her Now (basic track)

  4. Sleepfall (basic track)

  5. Silver Song  (1973 unreleased single version)

  6. Only Your Love (1973) (unreleased)


Disc 3: Audio DVD

5.1 Surround Sound album mix

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