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Seven Year Storm reveal debut EP

Prog metal outfit will release Aion I later this month

Seven Year Storm will launch their debut EP Aion I later this month, they’ve confirmed.

The outfit is the brainchild of drummer Sean Lang and the five-track he recorded with guitarist Dean Lamb and bassist Brent Mackenzie will be released on February 24 thanks to an IndieGoGo crowdfunding drive

The Vancouver-based band also plan to release EP Aion II later in the year and Lang, who is also a drum instructor, reveals he never initially intended to make his material public. 

He says: “I am seriously passionate about drums – even more so about music. Over the past few years I have written hundreds of songs without any real plan to do anything with them.

“I played along to a few of these songs on some of my video lessons, and then requests like, ‘When is this coming out?’ started pouring in. My stock answer was always, ‘It’s not – it’s just music I wrote for fun.’ But after years of the same conversation, I finally got the hint.”

They’ve made the track Dyatlov available to stream and download via their Bandcamp page and issued a video teaser for the EP. View it below.

Aion I tracklist

  1. Morphogenesis
  2. Dyatlov
  3. Virtue
  4. Nazca Lines
  5. Blue Car Syndrome

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