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Todd Rundgren goes global for 25th record

Guitar icon plans tour of UK and Europe after April release

Todd Rundgren will release his 25th solo album, Global, on April 6 via Esoteric Antenna.

And the label promises the 12-track follow-up to 2013’s State proves he’s as innovative and experimental as ever.

They say: “Todd’s latest musical vision is a contemporary fusion of styles which continues the tradition of boundary-breaking works. It’s tacit proof that he refuses to sit still, but rather tries bold yet accessible new approaches, while never sacrificing his songcraft.”

Rundgren has confirmed a run of US dates during April and May, and plans to return to the UK and Europe in the autumn. He’s currently advertising for two backing singers to join his touring band.

Global tracklist

  1. Evrybody

  2. Flesh & Blood

  3. Rise

  4. Holyland

  5. Blind

  6. Earth Mother

  7. Global Nation

  8. Soothe

  9. Terra Firma

  10. Fate

  11. Skyscraper

  12. This Island Earth

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