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Nightwish: Symphony Of Creation

Nightwish enlist Darwin and Dawkins for evolutionary new album.

In stark contrast to their reputation as masters of bombastic fantasy metal, Nightwish are plunging deep into the world of scientific reality on new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. While the Finnish heavyweights’ sound remains firmly in the realms of the grandiose, the new album marks a thematic quantum leap away from the darkly playful storytelling of 2011’s Imaginaerum.

Its title comes from Charles Darwin’s revolutionary 1859 tome The Origin Of Species, and focuses on the notion of all life hailing from a common ancestor, something that Nightwish songwriter and keyboard maestro Tuomas Holopainen describes to Hammer as “a beautiful fact”. Long a fan of the likes of Darwin, Carl Sagan and renowned but controversial academic and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, it was only natural that Tuomas would make an album inspired by their works.

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