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Venom: Black For Good

Venom, extreme metal's seminal overlords, are back and blazing.

Venom in 2015 are, in many ways, a radically different beast to the one that first coined the term ‘black metal’ over a generation ago. And yet, refreshingly, they are still very much Venom.

Normally when we talk about a metal band evolving, we are talking about massive stylistic shifts. Either they have fallen in love with prog and embraced the Mellotron, the keytar solo and the 23-minute song, or they have begun to think they are somehow above heavy metal and seem intent on alienating the fans that made them successful in the first place.

Anyone expecting Cronos and co. to do any of the above doesn’t know Venom very well. They still sound like the heavy fucking metal band that scared the crap out of Monte Conner (the man who signed Deicide) back in the early 1980s. That is not what has changed. No, what has changed over the past half-decade or so is the competence and professionalism of those in the band with Cronos.

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