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Napalm Death selling more records than ever

Frontman Greenway says sticking to their ethos has paid off for Midlands death metal veterans

Napalm Death are selling more records than ever before, according to singer Barney Greenway.

The frontman believes the band's decision to firmly stick to their ethos and not seek out any commercial advantage has paid off in the end.

Greenway tells SkullsNBones: "We're selling more records right now than we ever have done. That's not just vinyl. It's vinyl, CDs, everything is selling really well. We haven't done anything to gain commercial advantage. In fact we've turned down stuff that could have given us commercial advantage because of our ethos. That's kind of mind blowing.

"It just goes to prove that you stick to what you want to do and not some things that you might not feel comfortable with. You live and die by your decisions."

The positive response to their most recent album Apex Predator – Easy Meat, released last month, was even louder than that which greeted 2012's acclaimed effort Utilitarian and has helped the death metal veterans shift a tonne of records and brought more fans to their shows.

Greenway adds: "I have to pinch myself. The response to Utilitarian was just not what we expected. No band has got the divine right to expect any kind of plaudits. To then move on from that and the response to be even more enthusiastic – like I say, you have to pinch yourself."

Greenway last month wrote to Indonesia's metalhead president Joko Widodo asking him not to allow the pending execution of Australian drug smugglers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. However, it has been reported today that the pair will be put to death this month.

Napalm Death play Bloodstock festival this August. Get your tickets here.

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